Salén Ship Management is a ship management company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our mission is to manage small expedition and destination cruise ships at a very high standard.  Salén Ship Management strives to run a hands-on operation with a permanent staff which include captains, chief engineers and hotel managers who share their time between ship and shore. Our team of people has vast experience from shipping, small ship cruising and maritime law. One of the founders is from the Swedish shipping family Salén – hence the name.

Salén Ship Management has the technical and hotel management of Island Sky, Caledonian Sky and the newest acquisition Hebridean Sky. These excellent destination cruise ships carry 114 to 118 passengers. Island Sky and Hebridean Sky are on long-term charter to Noble Caledonia in London, and Caledonian Sky is available through APT, Australia.

It is the target of Salén Ship Management to run our ships in a way that meets the high expectations of our valued guests. We earmark the best crew available and our ships are always operated in compliance with all applicable national and international rules and regulations.

  • Island Sky sails in the Arctic and Antarctica passing the Pacific coast of South America or the islands of Cape Verde en-route between north and south.
  • Caledonian Sky operates in the Eastern Hemisphere and covers most of the Pacific Ocean from the Russian Far East and Alaska in the north to New Zealand in the south, from Singapore in the west and Easter Island in the east.
  • Hebridean Sky spends the summer in Europe and the winter in the Indian Ocean. Island Sky sails as far north as Spitsbergen and as far south as the East African Coast, Madagascar, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Sri Lanka. Along the way she offers trips in Norway, the British Isles, Atlantic France and Spain, the Mediterranean, the Arabian Gulf and India.