We proudly present our team, with vast experience from shipping, navigation, technical maintenance, small ship cruising, finance and maritime law. We strive to run a hands-on operation and our permanent staff include captains, chief engineers and hotel managers who share their time between ship and shore.

Captain Dan Wikingson

Managing Director

Dan is in charge of the overall operations of the company and the running of our fleet. From time to time he also serves as Captain on board the vessels. Dan began his nautical career in 1974 and has worked on a vast range of cargo ships, ferries, charter vessels and cruise ships. Before joining SSM in 2009, Dan was Team Leader Hull in the NCL new-building team.

Phone: +46 31 354 75 00

Captain Niklas Peterstam

EVP, Regulatory Compliance and Human Resources

Beside his ashore duties, Niklas also serves as Captain on board the vessels. He began his nautical career in 1979 and for the next eleven years he worked on different kinds of cargo ships in various positions. Later on, he switched to passenger ships and was involved in the delivery of three mega cruise ships. He then worked as Vice President of Nautical & Safety Operations in the cruise ship sector before joining SSM in 2009.


Linn Milton

Chief Operating Officer

Linn has been with Salén Ship Management since 2014 and has a background from the shipping operations department. Linn has been working in various positions in the shipping industry for more than a decade, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Shipping and Logistics and has studied Human Factors and Intercultural communication on a master level.

Phone: +46 31 790 45 10

Per Flodberg

Head of Operations

Per is responsible for the Operations Group and is also the company´s Designated Person Ashore as well as the Company Security Officer. He has a degree as Master Mariner and has been working for several years onboard different cargo ships, as Chief Officer among other positions.

Phone: +46 31 354 75 04



Christian Gruer

Operations Manager

Christian is in charge of all the operational aspects of M/S Island Sky and M/S Hebridean Sky, including bunker purchase and port agent management. Christian holds a Bachelor of Science in Shipping and Logistics. Christian has previously worked as a Vessel Operator in the dry bulk and RoRo segment.

Phone: +46 31 354 75 07


Ingrid Carlsen

Operations Manager

Ingrid is in charge of all the operational aspects of M/S Caledonian Sky and M/S Hebridean Sky, including bunker purchase and port agent management. Ingrid has a degree as Master Mariner and has been engaged in different positions onboard cargo ships during her years at sea. Since 1995 she has been working ashore as Vessel Operator, Fleet Coordinator and as Marine Superintendent.

Phone: +46 31 354 75 03

Daniel Perman

Technical Director

Daniel is in charge of the technical management of SSMs fleet, and also sails as Chief Engineer on board the vessels. Daniel has worked as 1st and Chief Engineer on board several private mega yachts. Daniel has also done several years in the Arctic and Antarctic as 1st engineer on board the Swedish polar icebreaker Oden.

Phone: +46 31 354 75 00

Stefan Henning

Technical Superintendent

Stefan joined the Salén team as a Technical Superintendent 2017. He has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering and has, in addition to serving several years at sea on different type of ships, been working ashore within the shipping industry both as a Technical Superintendent and as a Consultant with a focus on marine software applications.


Aron Leth

Technical Superintendent

Aron holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering. As Technical Superintendent, Aron is responsible for maintaining the technical standard of the SSM fleet. Before joining the company Aron worked as 1st Engineer onboard the Swedish polar icebreaker Oden.


Elisabeth Ek

Group Financial Controller

Elisabeth holds a bachelor degree in Accounting and Business Administration, and a master of science in Innovation and Industrial Management. She has previously worked as Accountant and Financial Assistant in organisations within the transport, energy and manufacturing sectors.

Phone: +46 31 354 75 05

Mina Frigård Hamza

Financial Controller

Mina has over ten years of working experience from Venture Capital and Finance as Fund and Business Administrator and Credit Controller. She has a Master education from the School of Public Administration at the University of Gothenburg.

Bogdan Toma

Hotel Superintendent

Bogdan has been hired as a shore based Hotel Superintendent and will be overall in charge of the SSM Hotel Operations including the daily running and maintenance, drydock and upgrades etc.


Ann-Britt Swahnberg

Travel Coordinator

Ann-Britt is handling all internal travel arrangements and has her background in the travel business with a vast experience of selling, marketing and producing travels and tours for the private market. Ann-Britt is also the administrator of our office and supports our finance department with internal tasks. ann-britt(a)

Helena Hedström

Purchase & Logistics Manager

Helena is handling the purchases and deliveries of spare parts to our vessels. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Shipping and Logistics, a degree of Deck Officer and has vast experience from both shipping and tourism.

Phone: +46 31 354 75 09

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